At Alba Court Residences our rooms will include Spectrum Wi-Fi and access to up to 200 HD channels. We do everything we can to make your transition to Assisted Living as seamless as possible. 

The Wi-Fi is immediately available at move-in and requires no equipment, installation appointments or service provider contracts.  Having a single service provider for the entire property makes the cost significantly less than what you would pay for services on your own. 

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Spectrum Package FAQ

Yes, each resident has their own unique Network Name and Password to secure traffic on the network.

It will be provided to you in your move-in packet on your move-in day.

You can call customer service at 855-895-5302.

You can add premium channels, additional video equipment or DVR services. You will need to set up a separate Spectrum account and be billed directly by Spectrum for any services beyond the property package. 

For help, call 855-895-5302.

First make sure your device’s WiFi is turned on. Make sure you’ve selected the correct WiFi network and correctly typed the password.

If you don’t see your property network in the list of available networks, you might be too far from the building. If you are having issues, please contact 855-895-5302 or visit spectrum.net/community.