A career at Alba Court means having the opportunity to work with our residents in our beautiful historic New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Our goal at Alba Court Residences and Mia Senior Living is to provide affordable housing and a high level of care for families.

Alba Court Residences is managed by Mia Senior Living. Their mission statement is:

“Mia Senior Living is passionately dedicated to changing the way we care for seniors. We are committed to our residents and families to provide affordable high-quality services. We are committed to creating a happy culture for all residents and employees. We are committed to our business partners to run exemplary businesses.”


Accountability – We are responsible for our own behavior and actions. The responsibility for providing service for our customers: residents, their families, representatives, and our vendors, starts with each employee. We value actions that are based on facts and considerate thinking.

Customer Satisfaction – We believe that customers deserve service that is provided in a timely and careful manner. We place a high value on following up and following through to completion with services, needs, and inquiries from our customers.

Communication – We value and expect the open and honest sharing of ideas, concerns, and problems at all levels of our organization. Quality customer service requires the sharing of information, clear and effective written and spoken expression, and presentation of ideas and factual information throughout the organization and with our customers.

Compassion – We believe that the concerns of our residents, their families, representatives, and employees are important. We believe it is important to listen carefully to others to fully understand their views before making decisions or conclusions, to appreciate and be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, and to measure our own impacts on others. We will have respect and consideration for one another.

Consistency – We strongly value fair and equal delivery of our services and policies to all our customers. We believe our policies and procedures should be enforced in a fair, just, and honest manner throughout our organization and community.

Honesty – We value people who are honorable in principles, intentions, and actions, and who are ethical and fair. We value truthfulness and integrity.

Professionalism – We value education, training, and personal attitudes and appearance that support the development, maintenance, and advancement of a qualified, customer-oriented workforce.

Teamwork – We are all part of the same team with the same goals and objectives. We shall accept and work towards those goals as part of the team even though we may not personally agree with every aspect. We shall accept and work with other members of a team.


Are you an experienced professional or just starting on your career path? We are looking for a variety of team members at all levels of experience. Please see a list of available jobs below.


  • 401 (k) plan with 3% matching program
  • Accrued PTO
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance partially paid by the employer.

Additional Benefits Available (Paid for by employee):

  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Life and Accident Insurance
  • Disability Insurance


– Director of Marketing and Admissions

– Janitor/Housekeeper

– Certified Nurse Aide/Trained Medication Aide

Join our family!